[Mageia-dev] Upgrade test + missing rpms

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Apr 4 20:46:28 CEST 2011


so as mentioned last wenesday ( but I seems to have forgot to send a
email on the list ), people who asked for a mandriva vm to test upgrade
can get them from d-c :

There 6 of them : 2 archs * 3 desktop.

The format is raw, so most virtualisation softwares will be able to use

The root password is mageia, so does the login and password of the only
user on it. 

Now, while I was on it, I also redid my upgrade test of server virtual
machines :

1) it seems libcryptsetup.so.1 is in 2 rpms, and that's likely a bug.

2) tmpwatch show a huge readme ( as does apache, but I fixed apache ).

3) rails, ruby-activesupport, ruby-actionwebservice, for puppet
- xymon-client ( and the rest of xymon ) 
- python-ipy ( for some libvirtd script )
- transifex ( with patches that I sent upstream , see i18n@ and
sysadmin@ ml )
- postgrey
- netcat-openbsd, for libvirtd
- python-flup, for various fastcgi python software
- epoll

4) epoll would requires a splitted package with requires on latex ( s
texlive pull 300 mo, this is too much for my poor vm ).

5) pootle was discussed as a something to look at, and it was installed
on the test vm so maybe that's something to consider too.

6) packages should be updated to latest version, if possible and tested.

I didn't took the opportunity to upgrade a clone of others servers ( as
I mainly work on alamut ( web application server + pgsql )  and valstar
( svn, ldap, etc ). 

Michael Scherer

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