[Mageia-dev] Youri check installlation

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Apr 5 02:51:43 CEST 2011


for those who were packagers at Mandriva ( or PLF ), we used to have a
website showing result of various check, called youri-check :

Pascal completed the installation of our own instance of youri on
http://check.mageia.org/ yesterday.

For now, that's still a work in progress, and we do not have everything
ready ( ie, lots of check are missing for now, we are aware of this ),
but this should be against to find stuff to fix.

There is 2 checks : 
- dependencies
- missing

The first one check if a package has missing dependencies either
Requires or BuildRequires.
Any packagers can fix such errors.

The second check if a binary rpm is missing a source rpm. ( there is
some false positive due to clever trick, like rpmlint-mageia-policy )
So that's likely one for admins for now.

But do not blindly import missing rpms, something, the requires is
wrong :

So for example, if you see :
task-lamp task-lamp-python apache-mod_python not found
Check that apache-mod_python is still needed ( in this case, the
software was dropped upstream since a few years ( and that's a shame
IMHO )).

On the other hand, errors like the one of backuppc may be a error in the

The page is regenerated every 6h, people curious can look on

We can blacklist false positives, so do not hesitate to ask if you see
something wrong. We will enable the rest of the check later ( ie check
for updates, check for age, etc ).

Michael Scherer

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