[Mageia-dev] A third lookout: Mageia beta1: text installer on dual arch iso

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 00:16:43 CEST 2011


because one person thanked me for my last email on upgrading from mdv, i'm 
continuing the series of emails with this 3rd issue: installing via text 
installer. (i'm reminded also by olorin_ that this could be important for 
braille installs too; though i have no such knowledge)


text installer is not yet ready, there is some major bugs in it. (and i love 
the new artwork on the graphic installer)

what happened:
 - first i want to mention that sshd is not in rescue mode, i knew about this 
beforehand, so i didn't test this: i maintain that this is one of the most 
important aspects (to me) to have the FIRST fully functional rescue mode for 
x86_64 on a CD! (to have anything else, requires either 32bit (which can't 
execute chrooted stuff from x86_64), or a full fledged DVD... on ANY DISTRO i've 
come accross on. </rant>)

- in graphical grub: F3 to choose text, still gives you a graphical installer, 
workaround is pressing ESC to go to textual grub, then press "text" to get 
there. (#645)
- diskdrake has a few major issues and i urge you to just use the standard 
"use free space" one, because the manual partitioning just doesn't work 
properly (#646 and #647)
- i must say i was amazed at the speed of installation (partly because there 
just isn't alot to install on the dual arch iso) :-P
- i chose almost nothing packages, and deselected everything i came accross, 
but still i installed networking computer server and firewall/router.
- configuration after install worked as expected, thought there were a few 
minor "visual artefacts"
- then it asked me to update, and i said yes, after which a window appeared, 
then disappeared, but then seemed to wait for 10-15min of doing nothing, after 
which i could reboot (#648)
- then i logged in as root in tty (did i mention i didn't install even LXDE?)
- but i saw that my locales were not installed, ahmad pointed me out that 
those weren't on the dual arch isos, and that is indeed correct (#649)

it did make me think on bug (#103) and perhaps it might not be a bad idea to 
just remember what was missing and install during updates installation. (as a 
sort of quick fix, because we all know the installer needs a bit of redoing, 
but that will take alot of time).

well, that was it. text installer needs the diskdrake bugs sorted out imho to 
be ok.

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