[Mageia-dev] upgrade from mdv2010.2 to mga beta1

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Sun Apr 10 10:16:30 CEST 2011

Le samedi 9 avril 2011 15:41:00, Renaud MICHEL a écrit :
> Hello
> I have tried an upgrade of my old laptop.
> For the hardware part, it is based on a pentium M @1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, an
> intel 855GM integrated graphics, RTL8139 ethernet and intel 2200 wifi.
> For the software part, it was a mandriva 2010.2 (not up to date, about one
> month old), with KDE updated to 4.5.5 with unofficial packages from
> http://mib.pianetalinux.org/mib/
> The upgrade was done using the i586 DVD, then updated to latest upgrades
> with urpmi --auto-select, and orphans packages removes with urpme --auto-
> orphans.
> There was only one upgrade problem with amarok, I had amarok 2.4.0, also
> from MIB, but it failed to upgrade to the mageia packages due to a
> conflict, in the MIB packages libampache_account_login.so is provided in a
> separate package (libampache_account), but it is in the main amarok
> package in mageia. Urpmi tells me there is a conflict between
> amarok-3: and libampache_account-3:2.4.0-1mdv2010.2, and
> doesn't propose to uninstall the later to resolve the conflict.
> urpme libampache_account (and amarok with it), then urpmi amarok solved the
> problem (as expected).
> I don't know if this issue should be handled on mageia's side, or if MIB
> should provide an updated package re-integrating
> libampache_account_login.so into the main amarok package to provide a
> clean upgrade.
> Looking at current cooker, they also provide libampache_account_login.so in
> the main amarok package, so the problem might arise also when updgrading to
> mdv2011.
> Looking at mdv packages still installed after the upgrade, I see
> kbluetooth-0.4.2 is still there, which, I believe, is replaced by bluedevil
> in KDE 4.6. Bluedevil is installed without conflicts, thanks to the name
> change, but shouldn't it obsolete kbluetooth?
> Package plasma-applet-yawp did not upgrade to mga's version, as it is
> version 0.3.6-1.1mdv2010.2 (also from MIB) and mageia's version is
> 0.3.6-1mga1, so urpmi think it is older. Not a big problem as the old
> package works fine.
> Another strange case with webkit, official mandriva updates provide some
> webkit 1.2.7 packages, while magiea has 1.2.5, so I end up with
> # rpm -qa|sort|grep webkit
> libggadget-webkitjs0-0.11.2-5.mga1
> libkdewebkit5-4.6.2-0.mga1
> libqtwebkit4-4.7.2-1.mga1
> libwebkitgtk1.0_2-1.2.7-0.1mdv2010.2
> python-qt4-webkit-4.8.3-2.mga1
> webkit1.0-1.2.7-0.1mdv2010.2
> webkit1.0-webinspector-1.2.7-0.1mdv2010.2
> webkit-1.2.7-0.1mdv2010.2
> On the hardware support part, wifi is working fine (with non-free ipw2200
> firmware).
> Firewire is also enabled, but I have nothing to connect to it.
> Suspend to RAM works fine also.
> The intel graphics works (i810), but compositing is unusable, if I enable
> kwin's desktop effects I get huge rendering problem with windows not
> updating, still showing at their old position when moved, and so on. I
> guess this is more a driver related problem and can't be fixed by mageia,
> but if confirmed by someone else with the same hardware I guess it should
> be listed in the release notes. With desktop effects disabled it is fully
> usable. In mdv 2010.2, compositing was almost usable, but already with
> some rendering glithes in plasma.
> I also had a strange problem when connecting one particular USB memory key
> (sandisk cruzer 8BG), udisks-daemon and dbus-daemon started taking lots of
> CPU (with many context switch wetween each other), disconnecting the key
> actually made things worse and I had to disconnect from the desktop to have
> it stop.
> The strange thing is that two devices shows when that key is connected, the
> expected 8GB mass storage, and an optical disk with label "U3 System" which
> can't be mounted. I don't know what it is, but there is an "U3 smart" logo
> on the key.
> I don't have the problem on another computer with KDE 4.5.5 and udisks
> 1.0.1
> that's all for now


If not done already, you should file a bug for each problem that can be solved 
on mageia's side (webkit older than mandriva's one, bluedevil...)

Best regards


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