[Mageia-dev] RFT: xen support

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Mon Apr 11 10:33:30 CEST 2011


xen-4.1.0-1.mga1 is now avaliable in the repos.

And as of kernel- there has been some cleanups and addons 
for xen:

There is now a kernel-xen-pvops that also should work as dom0.

Now this is mostly upstream kenel.org code so its not as fully
featured as the old kernel-xen. You can see the features listed here:

There is one exception: our 2.6.38 kernel has xen-netback backend driver 

So those of you that have been using xen, please test atleast the following:

- check that kernel-server still works as a xen guest
- try to use kernel-xen-pvops as dom0 and see how it works
(you can also try to use kernel-xen-pvops as a normal xen guest)

Have fun...


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