[Mageia-dev] RFT: xen support

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 09:34:34 CEST 2011

> Hi,
> xen-4.1.0-1.mga1 is now avaliable in the repos.
> And as of kernel- there has been some cleanups and addons
> for xen:
> There is now a kernel-xen-pvops that also should work as dom0.
> Now this is mostly upstream kenel.org code so its not as fully
> featured as the old kernel-xen. You can see the features listed here:
> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenParavirtOps.
> There is one exception: our 2.6.38 kernel has xen-netback backend driver
> added.
> So those of you that have been using xen, please test atleast the
> following:
> - check that kernel-server still works as a xen guest
> - try to use kernel-xen-pvops as dom0 and see how it works
> (you can also try to use kernel-xen-pvops as a normal xen guest)
> Have fun...
> --
> Thomas

I tried testing on the laptop (i only have laptop, since i'm on holiday),

i get the XEN messages from hypervisor, but after that, i get a blank
screen(nvidia chipset), even though it seems that the process goes
further. (i hear harddisk)

Now i always have trouble with nouveau, and nv seems to have removed my
9100M from supported devices, and i think i remember that nvidia mentioned
that their driver doesn't work with xen (that could have been changed)

since i have no other pc here, i cannot test ssh connections.

also, i'm not sure if it IS that, since i should be able to see the kernel
messages, no? (or is it the dualhead that is confusing xen and it's using
the external monitor port???)

anyways, after a while ~45secs, the numlock stops working, so i imagine X
is started and the keyb driver fails?

so i can't really test this kernel as dom0, which was my intention. but
doesn't it work due to XEN or due to this nvidia chipset???

on top of that, it seems that since the regular kernel update, my tty's
are now gone, and it seems to be staying in single user mode, even though
it boots level 5 and starts X.

that means F1 has messages, F7 has some others, and F8 has X, while F2-F6
no longer work...

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