[Mageia-dev] Meeting for secteam start

Stew Benedict stewbintn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 14:35:40 CEST 2011

Sorry if I break the thread, just signed back up to the list.
Just to kick things off for secteam, I thought I'd list the process as I
remember it from when I worked with Vincent for a couple of years.
Not to say Mageia needs to follow any of this, and as we're a volunteer
organization, I suspect things will be structured a bit differently from
a staffing POV than "2 guys mostly dedicated to updates"

Old Process:

* monitor vendor-sec, discuss vulns, patches, negotiate release schedule,
   also watch other distro updates, for things we may have missed

* check our srpm database (Vincent later reworked this) for all the
places the affected source code
   may be buried (many packages embed copies of other source)

* apply/adapt patches for all supported releases/architectures (may have
been published on vendor-sec,
   or from another distro package, or extracted from upstream)

   ** when we we supporting several releases, with Enterprise stuff
being quite old, reworking the patches at times was difficult
   ** policy changed over time and these days many things bump up to a
new release, rather than patching

* build in chroot to preserve the original build env (moved to iurt
around the time I left)

   ** if we had trouble building the package, contact the maintainer for

* acquire or write a POC (proof of concept) to test that the vuln is
corrected, if not, re-patch/re-test

* test the app for basic functionality, that we haven't introduced

   ** bugfix updates went to QA for testing, this was a big
blocker/delay at times

* write advisory text (usually copied from the CVE if there is one, or
bugzilla from a bugfix)

* upload packages to main mirror, wait a few hours and release the
announcement (we had several scripts
   that facilitated getting packages in the right place, signing them,
uploading, etc.)

Stew Benedict
New Tazewell, TN

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