[Mageia-dev] Seamonkey package

Philippe DIDIER philippedidier at laposte.net
Sun Apr 17 03:53:49 CEST 2011

To Christiaan Welvaart

You uploaded iceape 2.0.12...
and it obsoleted seamonkey 2.0.13 that ennael had uploaded 2 days

to be more precise :
iceape 2.0.12 replaces seamonkey 2.0.13
iceape-irc replaces seamonkey-irc
iceape-dom replaces seamonkey-dom
iceape-mail replaces seamonkey-mail
iceape-js-debugger replaces seamonkey-js-debugger
iceape-spellchecker replaces seamonkey-spellchecker

seamonkey-enigmail and seamonkey-enigmime are still present !
Maybe this will create some problems ?

Anyway, the source that Ennael used was more recent, and it is a little
desappointing to get an obsolete version of the source with Iceape (does
it need to be rebuilt with the last source ?)

Nevertheless, I was surprised with the fact that Iceape comes 2 days after
Ennael had pushed Seamonkey and that this makes her work vanish...
(trademark and licence problems were discussed a month ago but I didn't
understand a clear status was decided )

Seems it needs to be clarified.

Sorry to disturb if it's already clear for everyone...

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