[Mageia-dev] Wine upgrade problems

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Sun Apr 17 15:33:04 CEST 2011

[root at ftglap network-scripts]# urpmi --auto-select
A requested package cannot be installed:
wine-1.3.18-1.mga1.i586 (due to conflicts with wine64-1.3.18-1.mga1.x86_64)
Continue installation anyway? (Y/n)
The following package has to be removed for others to be upgraded:
  (due to unsatisfied wine32 == 1:1.3.17-1.mga1) (y/N)

[root at ftglap network-scripts]# urpmi --auto-select --keep
Some requested packages cannot be installed:
wine-1.3.18-1.mga1.i586 (in order to keep wine64-1.3.17-1.mga1.x86_64)
wine32-1.3.18-1.mga1.i586 (in order to keep wine-1.3.17-1.mga1.i586)
Continue installation anyway? (Y/n)

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