[Mageia-dev] QA before beta2 isos release

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2011/4/20 Mahmut Bulut <mahmutbulut0 at gmail.com>

I can handle QA Tests :)
>2011/4/20 Anne nicolas <ennael at mageia.org>
>Hi there
>>As stated in previous meeting, we need to improve QA on isos before
>>uploading it on  GTmirrors. If you are interested in it, please mail me
>>or join #mageia-qa on Freenode.
>>We need volunteers from 21 to 25th of april. Please candidate only if
>>you can give some time. You can use real hardware or virtual machine
>>for tests. BW is needed to download first iso.
>I think it's a good long weekend for testing.
When and where I can get the isos?

My machine: Nvidia 9800GT, Athlon 64 X2 6000+, ASUS M2N-E


I would love to test as well. 

My machine: AMD HD5570, PhenomII 955 BE, MSI 785GT-E63, 8 GB Geil DDR2

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