[Mageia-dev] Maintainers policy

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Apr 21 00:49:45 CEST 2011

Le mercredi 13 avril 2011 à 23:33 +0200, Anne nicolas a écrit :
> Hi there
> Following tonight's meeting, we will start one week discussion about
> maintainers policy. Some questions to be discussed:
> - shall we have ACL's on svn, submits?
> - what about having co-maintenership or teams? How shall we manage this?
> - what about sensitive packages ?
> ...
> Pleas make any comments and proposals we could discus to build it.
> Final decisions will be taken during next packagers meeting (20th of
> april)

So following tnight meeting 

I created this page :

Please do not modify it without discussing here the subject, the goal is
to track what was discussed, not to write proposal or to discuss on the

Also, while reading again the log, I was reminded about the system of
NMU in debian :

The way is work is the following. A debian developer decide to do a NMU,
send the package in a special queue and the package will be uploaded
after X days, with X decided by the person who do the NMU.

Maintainer can then decide to stop the NMU or to let it go, or maybe to
push it.

So basically, that would fulfill a requirement , ie that someone that
want to prevent a upload could do it if he disagree. 

One problem is that we are much more fluid and reactive than Debian for
the moment, and I am not sure we operate on the same timescale. Also, a
NMU for a rpm when the maintainer is busy would not achieve much ( on
the other hand, submit restriction wouldn't either ).

I am not sure if we can do that, but that's a potential idea to explore.

Michael Scherer

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