[Mageia-dev] Seamonkey package

Christiaan Welvaart cjw at daneel.dyndns.org
Tue Apr 26 19:47:12 CEST 2011

On Tue, 26 Apr 2011, Philippe DIDIER wrote:

>> We're not going to have the same application twice with different names in
>> mageia. The obsoletes/provides are needed to allow upgrades from mandriva
>> linux 2010.1 .
> The problem remains for seamonkey-enigmail-2.0.13 and
> seamonkey-enigmime-2.0.13
> They are in the mageia repo because it seems that iceape couldn't be built
> with them... and obsolete them !
> What kind of upgrade will that do ?
> Is a bizza mixing iceape and seamonkey viable (mageia's seamonkey-enigmail
> obsoleting mandriva's one... and staying while iceape obsoletes the
> seamonkey core rpm)

Sorry I wanted to reply to you other mail but postponed it for too long ):

The only differences between iceape and seamonkey are the names, icons and 
some documentation references. The enigmail and enigmime packages are only 
missing because I disabled them. And I did that because AFAIK they do not 
work at all. If you could actually use features from those packages with 
seamonkey 2.0.x please tell and I'll re-enable them.

Anyway I hope I can get them to work and enable them soon since enrypted 
and signed mail is an important feature IMHO. I doubt the "old" packages 
will cause any problems in the meantime.

> Apologizes if my comment is useless and if this is not a true problem...

The real problem is that the enigmail extensions do not work when 
packaged. At least you reminded me I should take another look at that.


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