[Mageia-dev] tests beta2 live

Alberto Girlando girlando at unipr.it
Mon May 2 12:53:33 CEST 2011

Reports on tests with beta2 live on
three different notebooks/netbooks,
for compatibility issue:

1) eepc 900 (2008)
   celeron, video intel GMA900, wireless atheros
   Everything works perfectly, as in the Mandriva
   distro currently installed, including special
   acpi keys

2) eeepc 1015 PEM (2011)
   atom N550, 64 bit dual core, video intel pineview,
   wireless Broadcom 4727, integrated bluetooth

   I tried the 32 bits live (the computer has the
   32 bit mandriva intalled in it). Broadcom works
   (in mandriva, I had to recompile the kernel).
   Everything else (camera, audio...) works.
   The systems works as a quad processor 32 bit.
   Some of the acpi special keys (wireless off/on,
   bluetooth off/on, cpu speed control) do not
   work, like in mandriva. There, I installed
   JUPITER (taken from the net, not from the mandriva
   repositories) and everything then worked. I suggest
   to put JUPITER in the mageia repositories.

3) MSI notebook, Intel i7, NVidia GE force GTX 425
   Here the live does not boot, it stops at the moment
   of showing the language choice. I had problems
   also in the installation of mandriva. However,
   there I could get system starting in VESA.
   With other live distro (Ubuntu-based) I could get
   the system working imposing -xforcevesa at startup.
   With mageia this trick does not work.



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