[Mageia-dev] [1100] Updated translation.

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Wed May 4 15:54:18 CEST 2011

Thierry Vignaud <thierry.vignaud at gmail.com> schrieb am 04.05.2011
> This is wrong!
> You cannot remove reference to previous translators like this.
> They did work on it and there're still translated strings from them
> (at least from the later ones).
> This is not right/ethical.
> Please add them back.

Hi Thierry,

this is a general problem with Tx. Fedora faces the same thing and it 
is in the Tx ticket system.
It was discussed on the i18n ml and in the i18n meetings, so please 
don't call "my" translators "unethical".
FYI: I have all the po/pot files stored away before they were uploaded 
into Tx and as soon as it is resolved upstream we will put the 
translator lists back into them.

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