[Mageia-dev] mediawiki package

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Fri May 6 12:24:53 CEST 2011

On Fri, 06 May 2011, Christiaan Welvaart wrote:

> hi,
> The current mediawiki package puts the temporary writable config dir in 
> /usr/share which AFAIK violates FHS - /usr should only be written during 
> package (de)installation. I checked out the mediawiki package in fedora and 
> I think we should use it as a base for the mageia package. Significant 
> differences are:
>   - tex (tetex/texlive) dependency separated into a mediawiki-math pkg
>   - separate code (in /usr/share) from configuration (user defined, e.g.
>     /var/www or /srv) and allow multiple wiki configs

Interesting. To allow multiple wikis with same code, it can be done
in the config file, after setting some variable in the vhost config, the
config file use this variable to decide which config to load.

However the config file is usually created by mediawiki itself, by the
install steps in mediawiki, when the database is created. If the config
file is already there, the database will not be created by mediawiki.
I don't know how it can be done automatically during package install.
I will look at fedora package how they do this.

> I got it working on mageia cauldron after fixing installation for 
> postgresql databases, but my package is not finished: I didn't check yet if 
> anything should be merged from the mageia/mandriva package, and I had to 
> configure the apache side manually, while I would expect some parts to be 
> preconfigured.

Yes. However, it should not prevent using the package with something
else than apache, or with different settings.

Maybe this config can be done by a subpackage ?

> So is this a good plan, and is anyone interested in (co-)maintaining such a 
> package?

Yes, it looks like a good plan. I'm interested in co-maintaining, as we
plan to use this package to host the mageia wiki.

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