[Mageia-dev] Kolab not working

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Fri May 20 05:15:32 CEST 2011

I'd like to bring this up for discussion again:
The kolab-webadmin is not usable with smarty 3 as provided by new 
distributions such as Mageia. Upstream is in no hurry to fix their code to be 

I am also the maintainer of this package on Mandriva and I fixed it there by 
putting smarty 2 ( the last version of the series and name it smart2) into 
Contrib and put a <Conflicts:	php-smarty> into the spec file. Also put a 
Requires: php-smarty2 into the the kolab-webadmin spec file.

I upgrade a 2010.1 system and it worked as intended.
Well, Mandriva isn't as far ahead as Mageia in the release process.
I would suggest to wait until after the release and then backport it or make 
an update.
Again, I would like to get an opinion.


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