[Mageia-dev] Remaining release_blocker bugs

Anne nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Fri May 20 17:37:45 CEST 2011

 Hi there

Last days before release. Even if distribution seems in a good shape
we still have release_blocker bugs pending. Here is the list, please
have a look and add any comment, fixes welcome of course.

#1290	Plymouth exists when encrypted partition password is asked.
=>  fix inside, anybody to review it?


#1153	Import mdkonline and adapt for easy upgrades / updates
=> update is now working well. Needs some more tests on upgrade side.


#1052	[ GNOME Live CD Beta2 ] Desktop link to 'Live install' missing
=> this one is for Blino or anybody having experiences in it - live
cds build is in progress as unionfs has been reverted to older version
and is now working again


#908	        [TRACKER] rollup bug for security related issues blocking
release of Mageia 1
=> last days for it. It will be then postponed after final release as
updates. Please have a look on Stew mail about secteam organization if
you are interested in it


#658	        rescue system contains "Mandriva"
=> using mandriva-release from 2010.2. tmb was maybe having a look. Any comment?


#56	        [TRACKER] tracker report for upgrade issues
for now lots of rather positive feedbacks and it seems upgrade is
rather smooth. Still some bugs pending

#652          timezone and crountry setting
#701          Update of package speech_tools blocked by package
#1271        Upgrading from mdv2010.2 with lvm partitions breaks
kernel line in menu.lst

Final isos build should start on 26th of may. So it should also be the
final deadline for last submits

Thanks for all the hard work


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