[Mageia-dev] Stuff needed for release day

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Sun May 22 23:59:40 CEST 2011

Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 11:02 +0200, Patricia Fraser a écrit :
> Hi Devs, marcomm team here!
> I know everyone's busy, but I hope some of you can help with a few
> words for the release announcements.
> I need to get responses to this as soon as possible, deadline
> Wednesday this week (25/05) because the completed pages have to go to
> i18n before release day.
> For the focus pages on the websites, can you please add a few words
> here:

Could you explain what you mean exactly ? ( ie, adding to wiki, to a
real web page in svn, answer here with the text ? )

> - Developers' page:
> what do they have useful for them in Mageia 1; what benefits are
> there for a developer if they choose Mageia

This should be benefit vs windows, vs os x, vs another linux-based
systems ?
( cause I think that for the moment, we are not really different than
others linux based system, and more specifically, we are a little bit
behind from systems who offer newer gcc, newer python, etc or more
packages ( fedora, debian, etc ) ).

> - Specs & requirements page:
> what are the hardware specs and system requirements for a new user
> installing (or upgrading) to Mageia 1?

Usually, any computer that was sold since 7/8 years should be enough,
depending on what you want. We can tell roughly how much space it would
take on a disk, we could tell how much memory will be used by a default
installation, but since that can be tweaked to be lower, we should try
to reflect that.

I think we do have a limit of requiring 512 or 256 mo for installer, and
that a regular installation would be 3 g ?
( it can be tweaked down to something like 200 mo of disk space, iirc ).

We are targeting for the moment regular desktop and laptop running x86
compatible processor, 32 and 64 bits ( intel, amd, via, etc ).

> - Thanks page:
> please nominate people on your team who should be mentioned on this
> page!

I usually find it to be quite risky. Not that I do not want to thanks
people for their work, but that's either a huge job ( ie, for each
people write something customized, with complexity increasing with each
release ), or a script ( ie, take svn log + some script ) that would
remove the human nature of the thanks.

Maybe I am just "special" when it come to some form of rewards, so could
maybe other packagers give their opinion ( ie, would a script be
enough ? )

Michael Scherer

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