[Mageia-dev] Last news of the front

Anne nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Tue May 24 13:58:09 CEST 2011

Hi there

Here are some information about coming release.

- List of pending tasks before final release

 - Security updates are now closed until stable is out. Please fill
bug reports so we do not forget about the various fixes to correct.

 - Release Notes: we need to have it done for thursday so that we can
include it in mageia-release package. This can be updated later but
still we need something quite complete. i18n team will also needs to
translate it before 1rst of june.

- Submit will be frozen on Thursday. If you wish to send a bugfix, it
will have to go to updates repository. For new packages, or new
version ( except for bugfixes ), the procedure is to send them to
backport ( using backports_testing first is wanting test ). The exact
procedure was not however decided yet.

- Final isos tests will be done with a experienced group of testers to
be able to manage that process properly. First builds will start on
Friday and isos should be delivered before 31rst of may in the

- shortly after the release, cauldron will be reopen to let people
submit. Some time may however be needed for sysadmins to prepare the
switch. We will also start to discuss all details postponed previously
such as release cycle, etc.

Thanks all for the hard work



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