[Mageia-dev] slight security improvement: should we update aria2 to 1.11.2?

Christiaan Welvaart cjw at daneel.dyndns.org
Tue May 24 14:47:47 CEST 2011

On Tue, 24 May 2011, Michael Scherer wrote:

> Le mardi 24 mai 2011 à 12:45 +0200, nicolas vigier a écrit :
>> On Tue, 24 May 2011, Christiaan Welvaart wrote:
>>> On Tue, 24 May 2011, Michael Scherer wrote:

>>>> There is 2 proposal :
>>>> - filling them on security, and have a saved search
>>>> - creating a tracker bug
>>>> I would be in favor of the tracker bug :
>>>> - you can subscribe to it
>>>> - it will be clearer ( as bugfixes are not security so we may miss some
>>>> update to do )
>>>> - it doesn't pollute the list of saved search
>>>> But as pascal said, a tracker bug requires that each bug to be linked to
>>>> it, which is manual and error prone.
>>> I don't know much about bugzilla, but:
>>>   - Add a keyword 'security' to all security bugs.
>>>     (also manual and error prone?)
>> We already have a security component. Would a keyword instead of a
>> component be better for this ?

> What when we have more than 1 release ?
> I really think the security component is wrongly named. The bug is
> against a rpm package, be it a security or non security fix, and
> treating security fix differently than non security fixes add IMHO
> unneeded complexity to the process.

I agree with Michael: security is not a component: a security issue in a 
package is still a bug in that package. (And I still consider each source 
rpm a component like originally configured in the mandrake bugzilla).

>> It is also manual, but a keywork is easier to remember than a tracker
>> bug number.
> That's a good point, I guess we can either place the link on bugzilla
> main page, or use named bugs, or something like that ?

There is a 'version' in bugzilla, with only 'Cauldron' in it currently, 
maybe that should be used. Setting this (or a target milestone) for a bug 
is easy, just choose 'Mageia 1' from the list. So if you want to see all 
updates in the list, make a search for bugs with version (or target 
milestone) Mageia 1. A link on the main page would be fine with me. It's a 
trivial search, however (:

>> Maybe we can also think about a mailing list to receive all security
>> bugs.
> It doesn't take non security related fix in account.
> Given the fact that there is no difference between the way we treat them
> ( ie, it is updates ), and given the fact than even later the difference
> will be between embargoed updates and the rest, I guess that a generic
> list for issue affecting a stable release would be better suited.
> But I am not sure it will help much, we need to think to the problem we
> try to solve, and the way I see it, it is twofold :
> - we need to have a list of thing to update ( security or not, doesn't
> matter now )
> - we need a way to be aware of changes to the aformentioned list

Maybe there can be a trigger in bugzilla on all bugs that are newly 
targeted or retargeted at a stable release?

> The solutions must :
> - be extensible with possibility of having a embargo in the future

AFAIK bugzilla supports access restrictions on individual bugs.

> - be as automated as possible
> - be open to people that want to help
> - take in account that we will have more than 1 release, maybe more than
> 1 project

Products and releases are already supported in the current bugzilla 


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