[Mageia-dev] "Enable Wifi" button would not work under net_applet, but would work under network-manager

Franklin Weng franklin at goodhorse.idv.tw
Thu May 26 04:13:21 CEST 2011


When using net_applet to manage my network settings, I found that if
my wi-fi was not enabled by default, I would not be able to enable it
by pressing the "enable wifi" button on my laptop.  So, I have to
switch to my XP, enable it, then boot into mageia again and my wifi
would be enabled by default.

However, if I install network-manager and KDE plasma widget of
network-manager, I can enable my wifi by pressing the same button when
the plasma widget is running.

My laptop is Acer Travelmate 6292.  The same problem would happen in
Mandriva too.  Does anyone have the same problem?

BTW, what should I do to enable my wifi through command line?  Or any
other way when I am not able to enable it under net_applet?


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