[Mageia-dev] Skype version

John john at neodoc.biz
Sat Jun 4 13:21:17 CEST 2011

On Sat, 04 Jun 2011 06:55:38 -0400
brianbailey10 at aol.com wrote:

> The only version of Skype that will allow the audio to be configured and
> works with Mandriva 2010 is
> skype- that will enable USB VOIP headsets
> and the Philips VOIP microphone to be configured. If you use a later
> version which I believe is a beat version you will not be able to
> configure any audio devices it will be stuck on Pulse Audio settings and
> you will only be able to use a head set plugged into the line IN/Out
> sockets on the computer of course you may not be able to configure your
> audio device using the latest version - I have the version above
> installed on Mandriva and can stream audio via my pc sound device and at
> the same time make calls using the Phillips VOIP phone. Hope this helps

I'm using skype- here with as far as I can tell
all functions working.

Installed using 'urpmi --allow-nodeps skype-'

This commandline was taken from a past on the Mandriva Cooker list. The
date was 30 August 2009, poster was Peťoš Šafařík <petos at mandrivalinux.cz>.

I've had no problems using this installation method since then.

John NZ

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