[Mageia-dev] Providing 32-bit flash-player-plugin in x86_64 nonfree?

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Tue Jun 7 15:16:54 CEST 2011

Le 2011-06-05 15:45, andre999 a écrit :
> Marc Paré a écrit :
>> Le 2011-06-05 03:59, Kira a écrit :
>>> 在 Sun, 05 Jun 2011 13:25:59 +0800, Marc Paré <marc at marcpare.com>寫道:
>>>> I have just installed Mageia on a 64 bit and the 64bit Flash .rpm is
>>>> quite painless from the Adobe site.
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Marc
>>> The major problem is that Adobe seems don't like we to distribute
>>> the 64-bit version.....
>> Sorry, I just rechecked my flash and it is the 32bit version. My fault.
>> But the bottom line is that it works for now.
>> As for the Adobe "Square" preview, I don't think the 64bit version will
>> suffor for too long in preview release as most of the machines being
>> sold today are 64bit. I don't think that Adobe will sit on the sucess of
>> their 32bit product and ignore the 64bit version.
>> For now the 32bit version works on Firefox 64bit and eventually the
>> 64bit version will be released in .rpm for us to install. We just have
>> be patient.
>> Cheers
>> Marc
> Salut Marc
> The plugin is installed in ~/mozilla/firefox/plugins/ (or one of the
> alternate locations provided by the Firefox rpm), so you can just as
> easily install the plugin from a tar file.
> The above location is the first searched by Firefox, so other locations
> will be ignored for flash, if flash is found there.
> The only problem with the preliminary version is that it is more likely
> to have bugs.
> Personally I install a tar version of flash, as it stays in place across
> distro updates, even clean installs. (I keep /home intact.)
> My 2 cents :)

Merci for your deux cents! I will do it.



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