[Mageia-dev] plymouth gone nuts ?

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Apr 3 10:51:45 CEST 2012

'Twas brillig, and JA Magallón at 03/04/12 02:48 did gyre and gimble:
> On 04/03/2012 02:43 AM, Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> No.
>> plymouth-quit-wait will simply hang until plymouth quits of it's own
>> accrord. If you actively quit plymouth first via plymouth-quit then
>> there is literally no point in running plymouth-quit-wait as it'll just
>> exit immediately.
> Ah, thanks. I jus thought that 'plymouth quit' was asynchronous,
> and the -wait script just made sure to wait before launching DM...

>> Now the question is what is preventing plymouth from being quit? As I
>> said, display-manager should do it for you (see the /etc/X11/prefdm
>> script), or simply let GDM do it itself.

And it was this last bit that was broken!

In the mela that is pre-release, I forgot that it was Olav who pushed
the new version of GDM, not myself. I had rediffed and converted all the
GDM patches relating to plymouth transition in my build, but Olav just
disabled them (knowing I'd already done the work).

So I've updated gdm and submitted it for rebuild. Should be all dandy
again shortly.

Thanks for pointing it out!



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