[Mageia-dev] painful discussion n°1: debloating

Pierre Jarillon jarillon at abul.org
Mon Apr 9 00:12:57 CEST 2012

Le dimanche 8 avril 2012 21:02:48, Anne Nicolas a écrit :
> totem was proposed in Mandriva as there was no stable enough video
> player in KDE. Then we had Codeina managing codecs using only gstreamer.
> That's all. :)

Totem don't work out the the box. I have a set of videos with different 
formats. With totem, few of them work without a lot a install (sometimes 
conflicting). Dragon is not better out the box. Only VLC works with all my 
To make the best distro, working in any case, VLC succeeds, Totem sucks...

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