[Mageia-dev] [Mageia-discuss] Handbooks - the lot

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 11 19:11:55 CEST 2012

2012/4/11 Dimitrios Glentadakis <dglent at gmail.com>:
> Στις 11/04/2012 16:05:23 γράψατε:
>> * I am not at home, actually  how much space they take ? For what kind of
>> size we are talking about ?
> The /usr/share/doc/HTML/en folder has a size of 43.5 MiB, which even now if it takes a lot of place anyone can delete this folder from his system.

We are not talking about deleting data from the harddisk. We are
talking about installing and uninstalling, not just deleting. The
issue is to avoid the installation (if not wanted) and consequently
avoid updates.

I expected the discussion about the technical options to be quite long
and not at all trivial, I did not expect such a discussion about the
"why". There are valid use cases which answer the "why" quite clear
and simple.


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