[Mageia-dev] 3 cauldron bluetooth bugs?

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Sat Apr 14 22:31:09 CEST 2012


I just needed to be able to get some files from phone to Mageia pc
running cauldron with latest updates and found out bad bugs at least
with gnome desktop. I can write bugs to mozilla if somebody else could
also confirm these just to verify that I have not created anything wrong...

1) I had paired devices and I can see the paired phone in the bluetooth
applets menu. When I select there the menu "<bt device name>/Browse
files..." dolphin is opened for me with parameters:

   dolphin obex://[BT address of my bluetooth device]/

--> Instead of showing up the content of my bluetooth device, dolphin
however shows for me the pc user's home directory.

If I manually call nautilus instead with command:
  nautilus obex://[BT address of my bluetooth device]/

--> nautilus opens ok and shows the content from my bluetooth device.

So should the gnome bluetooth applet be changes to open nautilus instead
of dolphin?

2) I tried to send files from my phone to cauldron. Phone paired ok
   with cauldron pc, but when I tried to send files to pc, the device
   was not showing up in the list.

   ps command showed that obex-data-server was running, but command
   "sdptool browse local" was not able to find any obex related
services running.

   If I installed and build obexftpd and started it manually, phone was
   able to see my pc...

   So is somebody else able to receive files over bluetooth to cauldron
pc from phone?

3) obexpushd build failure
I tried to build git://gitorious.org/obexpushd/mainline.git with
cmake & make combination and was getting this kind of error mentioned here:


Fix was to change the typeof definitions in
/usr/include/bluetooth/bluetooth.h to __typeof__ just like suggested in


(Because typeof is not supported by c++ code)


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