[Mageia-dev] Freeze exception? MythTV.

Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Wed Apr 18 23:41:20 CEST 2012

On 18.04.2012 23:16, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Hi,
> MythTV has (at last!) a new version out. I would like to include this in
> mga2. I appreciate it's late but as a leaf package I think it'll be safe
> enough. It'll be the version I'll likely be personally running here at
> home (as a backport) so I'd prefer it if that was the same one I was
> supporting generally.
> But it's not something I'm massively worried about generally, so if
> people have strong feelings please do make them known.
> I've already ported the mythtv package and the LAME patches. Will do the
> plugins one shortly (I'll need to do this anyway for my own needs so not
> wasted effort).
> Anssi, what do you think about including this in mga2?
> Col
+1 for the inclusion.

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