[Mageia-dev] testing beta3

Alberto Girlando girlando at unipr.it
Fri Apr 27 10:04:45 CEST 2012

I am not signaling real bugs, but
some impressions and inconveniences, so I addressing
the message to the list rather than to bugzilla.

First, no problems encountered with live version
(without installing) on several notebooks.

Real testing and installation made on VirtualBox,
with the Gnome version.

Two problems: 
1) If in VirtaulBox I put the video display
with 3D acceleration in order to have Gnome 3,
the X is not usable, continues to flicker or
goes on a loop without allowing me to log in.
This is true irrespectively on the way I made the
installation, with 3D acceleration from the beginning or not.
It is probably a problem of the 3D emulation in VirtualBox.

2) After finishing the installation, I clicked on the
possibility to upgrade to the latest version of the
software before rebooting. Although, being in VirtulaBox
with wired connection, the internet was on, the system
was unable to upgrade the software and went to a loop (bringing
up the network, then failed to upgrade, then retrying to bring
up the network and so on) so I simply shut down the machine. But on
reboot and logging, the system was unable to find the
database for the upgrade. So I reinstalled, and made the
upgrade after the first log in.

I remember that also Mandriva had such a problem,
which I simply avoided making the upgrade after the
first log in. I believe that rather than tracking back
the bug, it is simply better to cancel the option to
upgrade the packages at the end of installation.

Apart from that.. very good work ! I am seeing Mageia
scaling up in DistroWatch !


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