[Mageia-dev] Mageia 2 LiveCD contents...

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Apr 29 20:47:59 CEST 2012


So RC (and final) are getting closer, as usual the livecds are
problematic to get nice contents, while staying within the 700M limit

Current RC build got me this:

668M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
693M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Africa-India-x86_64-CD.iso

703M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
728M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Asia-Noindia-x86_64-CD.iso

684M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
709M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso

697M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
722M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe2-x86_64-CD.iso

662M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
686M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Africa-India-x86_64-CD.iso

710M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
734M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Asia-Noindia-x86_64-CD.iso

690M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
714M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso

720M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
744M	Mageia-2-rc-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe2-x86_64-CD.iso

So atleast every cd with size > 700M need to loose some stuff...

So please help out with suggestions...

You can check out current contents here:


Files are:
*.langs      - Supported languages on the CD
*.lst        - installed package list, sorted alphabetically
*.lst.full   - installed packages list, sorted by size

Now, remember that the livecds are squashfs compressed images,
so in order to drop ~20M on a cd, I need to drop ~30M-100M of
rpms depending on content...

Also if you find something missing that relly _must_ be on the
cds (not just nice to have)... please comment on that too


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