[Mageia-dev] Mageia 1 EOL.

Pierre Jarillon jarillon at abul.org
Sun Dec 2 02:02:42 CET 2012

Le dimanche 2 décembre 2012 01:11:44, Thomas Backlund a écrit :
> Mageia 1 is now EOL.
> BS is locked down and updates_testing wiped.
> Blog post pushed and mail sent to updates-announce ML.

I have several systems installed with Mageia 1 and I wish to move them to 
Mageia 3 (I make always a new install). During 4 or 5 month, I agree to have 
no improvements or no bug corrections but security updates are useful.

I dont' want to replace Mga1 with Mga2 and 4 month later play again for Mga2 
to Mga3. I have also other machines with Mga2 and with Mandriva 2010.2.
I dont need a LTS but a Short Term Support is a bad thing and I don't want to 
waste my time.

Is it possible to have security updates until a month after Mga3 is out?
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