[Mageia-dev] NOTE: dont upgrade / submit ppl to the bs/mirrors...

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Dec 2 17:32:25 CET 2012

Thomas Backlund skrev 1.12.2012 18:09:
> Hi,
> as shown with the recent pcre case, we need to be more verbose on
> the -dev ml about packages that are WIP and/or known to break bs...
> I'm in the process of updating ppl from 0.11.2 to 1.0
> (and cloog-ppl to whatever matching version is)
> Now, if this package hits the buildsystem & mirrors before it's
> properly tested it _will_ break atleast gcc, so all builds will
> come to a full stop in cauldron.
> So whatever you do... _dont_ touch theese packages until I have
> tested and submitted them.

You can forget about this update ...

I forgot to check what gcc actually supports :/

gcc-4.7 requires ppl-0.11 branch and cloog-ppl-0.15 branch

I've reverted ppl in svn to the state before I started the
upgrade and updated the warning at top of the spec.

I've also added warning in cloog-ppl spec about the needed
version match for gcc.


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