[Mageia-dev] about ruby updates and some broken dependancies

Remy CLOUARD shikamaru at shikamaru.fr
Sat Dec 8 00:05:10 CET 2012

On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 01:47:09AM +0100, Johnny A. Solbu wrote:
> On Sunday 04 November 2012 16:52, PhilippeDidier wrote:
> > There's a little problem with ruby updates in Cauldron : as shikamaru is
> > always the official maintainer
> What's happenig with Shikamarus packages? Isn't (s)he gone so long that they are unmaintained and should be marked as such?
You’re probably right, I was (and still am) very busy so at one point I
just couldn’t cope with maintaining my own packages. However, since I
wrote the ruby policy not only for myself, any point of view about how I
set up the ruby stack would be really appreciated. It seems from what I
read that for the most part making a strong focus on tests resulted in
some pain to maintain those packages, because of the circular
dependencies that were introduced, meaning the whole migration to
ruby-1.9.3 required to bootstrap everything again. I remember jq had a
script to determine in which order build which perl package, but I can’t
remember where it is. That might help. Avoid having packages requiring
each other would probably help, but for me it helped me a lot at the
start because sometimes some gem were just broken, or assumed that some
package was there when it wasn’t. I also thought it would save some

As for my absence, first I apologize for letting you manage this
without helping you the slightest, and not even drop a mail there saying
what’s going on. I cannot decently maintain every package I imported
when the project started, so if you’d like to take over the maintainance
of some packages, go ahead.
> ==
> $ mgarepo maintdb get |grep shikamaru|wc -l
> 278
> ==
> > in cauldron repository we have coexisting ruby-*-doc packages
> Just before I qualified as packager (in may I think) and got submit access, I was helping Shlomi upgrade the packages belonging to shikamaru. Abong them was many ruby packages.
> After upgrading several ruby packages, we started having differences in build success on the packages. I.e. They buildt on my cauldron but not in Shlomif's system. It turned out that if one specific ruby package was installed, ALL ruby packages failed to build, because the documentation did not build and some of the items in %files was missing.
I admit I wasn’t aware of this. At the time I worked on it I had a local
iurt building packages, so no external package was particularly causing
problems. Didn’t know about BuildConflict either.
> (I hope Shlomi still remember which ruby package needs to be listed as BuildConflict. Maybe it's listed in some of the ruby packages he made after discovering this.)
> Untill we figured out something was wrong, I upgraded and checked in several packages, between 10 and 20 packages, where the documentation package was Removed from the spec, because bm/rpmbuild complained on missing files and I thought it was removed in the new version. But when Shlomi build it, he added the missing files, and I don't know if he readded the doc packages or just added the installed-but-not-packages files in the %files section.
> When we figured out that it was due to the BuildConflict, we decided that he should do the ruby packges himself.
Not sure I get you there, “he” stands for me right ?
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