[Mageia-dev] [changelog] cauldron core/release x11-driver-video-ati-7.0.0-2.mga3

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Mon Dec 10 01:12:09 CET 2012

10.12.2012 02:05, Thomas Backlund kirjoitti:
> Anssi Hannula skrev 27.11.2012 00:08:
>> 26.11.2012 19:25, Thomas Backlund kirjoitti:
>>> tv skrev 26.11.2012 16:53:
>>>> Name        : x11-driver-video-ati         Relocations: (not relocatable)
>>>> Version     : 7.0.0                             Vendor: Mageia.Org
>>>> Release     : 2.mga3                        Build Date: Mon Nov 26 15:52:14 2012
>>> Note to all ati users...
>>> Beginning with 7.0.0 series, this driver is KMS only.
>>> so UMS mode ("nokms") is no more useful with this driver....
>>> IIRC we will also need to update display_driver_helper (and maybe drakx)
>>> to cope with this fact...
>> I'll disable the hack in display_driver_helper...
>> But should we now have ldetect-lst fallback to vesa on all radeon cards
>> if no fw installed ("DRIVER_NO_FIRMWARE vesa")?
>> According to the kernel driver code (AFAICS, that is) it should fallback
>> to no acceleration in case of no firmware, but at least some time ago
>> that apparently didn't happen properly...
> I think we need to fallback to vesa, as it does not matter if the kernel
> part works without firmware in ums mode, as the x11 driver wont support
> it anyway, making the x11-server start fail .

I meant that AFAIK KMS should work without acceleration without firmware
for old cards (for new cards we already default to vesa), but if this
still doesn't work properly, we need to default to vesa for them as well.

Anssi Hannula

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