[Mageia-dev] /var/run after /usr/move

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Dec 11 17:50:32 CET 2012


'Twas brillig, and Olivier Thauvin at 11/12/12 16:26 did gyre and gimble:
> The "/usr move" included the move of /var/run to /run, however this has
> not been done into packages, like quagga:
> [...]
> %dir %attr(0750,root,root) /var/run/quagga
> [...]
> Shouldn' this be changed ?

Yes, I've mentioned this on the list a few times and also have worked
through a few of the main, high profile packages already.

I've also pushed a new rpmlint-mageia-policy update which bans files in
/var/run, /var/lock and /run. It also bans udev rule files in
/etc/udev.d and tmpfiles in /etc/ (the /etc/ tree is for admin config,
and packaged files should be in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d and
/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d respectively).

It would be good to get this updated set of rules pushed to the
infrastructure before the mass rebuild and beta2.

Help here on updating packages is most welcome. The files/dirs in these
folders basically need to be translated to tmpfiles configs instead.

I've written a wiki page to document about how to handle tmpfiles:

This will give you a nice list:
urpmf "^/var/(run|lock)/" | sort -u

Unfortunetly in the last week or so, some new ones are appearing:


so the sooner the lint policy is added the better IMO :)

I do also still have one problem (reported on this list) that needs
fixing that's the postfix+cyrus-sasl saslauth socket issue. Previously
it was hardlinked, such that chrooted postfix worked OK. This is no
longer possible due to it crossing filesystems, so we'll have to do some
bind-mounting black magic I think :s

> BTW: I recently updated a fresh mga2 to mga-cualdron and separated /var
> is still not handle automatically when moving /usr.

How recently? I pushed a new mageia-prepare-upgrade package to mga2
core/updates_testing on Sunday which should handle /var mounting in the
initramfs for processing the usrmove. Certainly it worked fine for me in
my tests (ext4 / + swap + LVM /var and LVM /usr + encrypted LVM /home
(all on the same Volume Group) and it worked fine with that somewhat
overly complex example. Minor problem with the vga= line from the kernel
not being propagated to the newly installed bootloader entry but other
than that it worked fine, not tested with lilo tho' - only grub,
although all manipulation is via our tools so should be OK in theory)

I mentioned this already on the "ANN: Upgrading from Mageia 2 via urpmi"
thread which has seen several new posts over the last few days, so there
may be some additional info in there.

Hope this helps.



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