[Mageia-dev] Python packaging policy

Joseph Wang joequant at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 07:53:04 CET 2012

Looking over this page:


* python-pyp2rpm is undergoing review right now.  Once it's in
cauldron, I'd like to
point to that package as something that packagers you should use to
get a first draft
of a spec file,  I've been working with the Fedora people so that it
will do both fedora
and mageia naming conventions.

* I'd like to add a rule (which is followed by current packages) that
the prefix "py" should
generally be removed from a package name.  For example pyopencl should be called
python-opencl.  This is the current convention for packages in mageia.

* Also for grouping.  I'd like to add a rule that Development/Python
is intended for packages
which provide general development libraries for python, and if the
library fits into an obvious
other category (i.e. python routines for cosmology calculations) those
should go into the
other category.

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