[Mageia-dev] Python packaging policy

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 15:43:51 CET 2012

Le 13/12/2012 15:24, Claire REVILLET a écrit :
> Hi,
> Le 13/12/2012 09:00, Shlomi Fish a écrit :
>> Hi Joseph,
>> On Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:53:04 +0800
>> Joseph Wang<joequant at gmail.com>  wrote:
> [...]
>>> * I'd like to add a rule (which is followed by current packages) that
>>> the prefix "py" should
>>> generally be removed from a package name.  For example pyopencl
>>> should be
>>> called python-opencl.  This is the current convention for packages in
>>> mageia.
>> I'm OK with it either way.
> I disagree on that point: software and libraries names are choose by the
> developers.
> Who are we to change them ?
A free software distribution, whose part of the added value is overall 
consistency. Which is out of scope of individual software authors by 

And the current issue is just about the *package* name, not exactly the 
software name. Remember when 'thunderbird' was distributed as 
'mozilla-thunderbird' ?

And just to compare it with other similar practices:
- we already normalize perl version numbers, for sorting purpose
- we already force lowercase package naming
- we already modify software setup, to achieve FHS compliance
- we already modify package behaviour, to prevent automatic upgrade, for 

The two latest ones seems far most invasive IMHO than just shipping 
pycups in a package called 'python-cups' rather than 'python-pycups'.

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