[Mageia-dev] installation: deselect attempts cause select

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 26 15:44:49 CET 2012

This is not a new problem, but I've never seen it mentioned. Typically I test 
install to real partitions 4800MiB in size. This limited space is adequate 
for what I do with a test installation, but requires I carefully choose what 
gets installed or not. Devel, "server", multimedia, games, office apps and 
Java I always exclude for space reasons. I don't use them often enough to be 
able to recognize if anything was wrong with them. Even though I select 
custom instead of KDE or Gnome, and on next screen deselect everything that 
won't cause urpmi not to install, several things are preselected that make no 
sense for a minimal install, such as every (4 total?) X DE. When I try to 
deselect any of several of these preselections, it acts like an initial 
selection of a large task instead of a deselection. It takes a second try to 
actually deselect. In several cases, the attempt to deselect results in a 
select that requires more space than is "available". Before I can deselect in 
those cases, I must find smaller selections to deselect and free up space 
before it will let me select what I'm actually trying to deselect. Then I 
must go back to those indirectly forced deselections to reselect them. When 
done, I typically find about 60% or so of the 4800MiB actually gets used by 
the time I've configured no-suggests and urpmi'd what I needed but couldn't 
select during installation without pulling in the space wasters. Ultimate 
goal is usually no frills KDE, with none of file manager, IM, PIM/Kmail or 
desktop search. I do 99.97% of my email POP in SeaMonkey, but not in test 
installations. All my searching and most text file editing is done using MC.

NAICT, it's impossible to install to include urpmi and exclude 100% of X and 
its deps.
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