[Mageia-dev] installation: deselect attempts cause select

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 26 16:10:59 CET 2012

On 2012-12-26 15:47 (GMT+0100) Manuel Hiebel composed:

> Felix Miata composed:

>> This is not a new problem, but I've never seen it mentioned. Typically
>> I test install to real partitions 4800MiB in size. This limited space
>> is adequate for what I do with a test installation, but requires I
>> carefully choose what gets installed or not. Devel, "server",
>> multimedia, games, office apps and Java I always exclude for space
>> reasons. I don't use them often enough to be able to recognize if
>> anything was wrong with them. Even though I select custom instead of
>> KDE or Gnome, and on next screen deselect everything that won't cause
>> urpmi not to install, several things are preselected that make no
>> sense for a minimal install, such as every (4 total?) X DE. When I try
>> to deselect any of several of these preselections, it acts like an
>> initial selection of a large task instead of a deselection. It takes a
>> second try to actually deselect. In several cases, the attempt to
>> deselect results in a select that requires more space than is
>> "available". Before I can deselect in those cases, I must find smaller
>> selections to deselect and free up space before it will let me select
>> what I'm actually trying to deselect. Then I must go back to those
>> indirectly forced deselections to reselect them. When done, I
>> typically find about 60% or so of the 4800MiB actually gets used by
>> the time I've configured no-suggests and urpmi'd what I needed but
>> couldn't select during installation without pulling in the space
>> wasters. Ultimate goal is usually no frills KDE, with none of file
>> manager, IM, PIM/Kmail or desktop search. I do 99.97% of my email POP
>> in SeaMonkey, but not in test installations. All my searching and most
>> text file editing is done using MC.

>> NAICT, it's impossible to install to include urpmi and exclude 100% of
>> X and its deps.

> Is that cauldron ?


There wouldn't be any point if M2, would there? :-)

>  because there was some improvement since mga2

I haven't noticed any.

> also post your /root/drakx/report.bug

No file there by that exact name, but:

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