[Mageia-dev] RFC: dropping prebuilt broadcom-wl drivers

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Thu Dec 27 21:22:03 CET 2012

Wolfgang Bornath skrev 27.12.2012 22:17:
> 2012/12/27 Thomas Backlund <tmb at mageia.org>:
>> Wolfgang Bornath skrev 27.12.2012 19:54:
>>> Ok, so now I am at the point where I try to configure wifi without any
>>> additional media than the core repository-
>>> The correct wifi is found but the system says that there are
>>> additionaöl software and drivers needed (namely broadcom-wl) which I
>>> may find in non-free or elsewhere. Just as expected.
>> Did it try to configure it anyway, or did it stop there ?
> No, it ends there- you can close the ,essage and go back where you
> have the already used option or the option to use a windows driver
> with ndiswrapper. Or go back and leave the cinfiguration

Hm, ok, so I guess it would need manual configuration to test,
but it is easier to test the free drivers you can test with the
"no-wl" test livecd....

>>> Reboot.
>>> Now could I use the same installation to upgrade and use the same usb
>>> stick, just activating the core plus non-free ? Or do I have to redo
>>> the whole instatallotion?
>> Just use the same install and install dkms-broadcom-wl
> Ok. so all I have to do go online with cable bound network, set media
> including non-free, and then install dkms-broadcom-wl plus the needed
> things. then reboot and try a new attempt at configuring .

yep. it might still suggest to install some of the prebuilt drivers,
but thats ok. the important part is the blacklist that comes with


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