[Mageia-dev] fstab issue - can mount but not umount as user, ehh, what?

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Fri Dec 28 17:13:10 CET 2012

Continuing the usbkey saga, I discovered another bug that I can't resolve.
I have an external drive and a usbkey that I attach to my desktop systems. Both have fstab entries, identified by UUID, and its worked nice for the last 2 years.

When I plug in the usbkey, I can mount it as a reguklar user, but I cannot unmount it. The error message says that only root can do that.
The fstab entry is this:
UUID=0893-1889 /media/usbbrikke vfat nosuid,noexec,dmask=022,fmask=133,uid=500,noauto,user,iocharset=utf8 0 0
It is the same entry on the mdv2010.2 and mga2 systems, and it works on mdv but not on mga2.

Does anyone know why this fstab entry allow me to mount the patition but deny me the right to umount it?

Johnny A. Solbu
PGP key ID: 0xFA687324
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