[Mageia-dev] mgasoft

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Feb 6 15:57:05 CET 2012


While updating youri and iurt packages yesterday I noticed that it's
not easy to make new versions of mageia software that we have on svn
soft repository, and each of them has different makefile rules to
generate tarballs or sometimes update packages. Most versions are not
tagged because you have to write a long command line to do it. So in
the train from fosdem yesterday I created a small script to tag versions,
create tarballs and publish them on mageia mirrors, for the software on
svn soft repository.

You can install it with mgasoft package on cauldron.

To tag a new version :
$ mgasoft tag [name] [version]

To create a tarball :
$ mgasoft tar [name] [version]
Or a tarball from trunk, for testing :
$ mgasoft tar [name] trunk

To publish a tarball on mageia mirrors :
$ mgasoft publish [name] [version]
This will create this file on mirrors :

Some things that do not work now :
 - software in sub-directories on the svn (like build_system/mgarepo or
   build_system/iurt). We can change the script to support this, but it
   will become more complicated and slower. Or we can move everything in
   the root directory and stop using sub-directories like build_system.

Some things I plan to add :
 - gpg signature of the files on mirrors
 - upload of the files on binrepo, so you don't need to upload them when
   updating the package
 - option to download tarball from binrepo instead of generating it (to
   create package using the same tarball as on mirrors)
 - option to quickly see diff between two versions

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