[Mageia-dev] FireFox ESR <= we should totally go for this wrt stable releases

Sander Lepik sander.lepik at eesti.ee
Thu Feb 9 13:04:00 CET 2012

09.02.2012 13:35, AL13N kirjutas:
> ihmo, the users who want the latest versions will not even wait one week,
> and will grab them from upstream. If we really wanted the latest release,
> someone could backport them.
And backports work since what time?
> the end users will benefit too, because the modules/plugins will still
> work and not being unstable at every update. as a long time stable user, i
> prefer the ESR... we've been complaining about too short releasecycles...
> this is the answer, we should use it.
Most users don't know what to do with tarball. They only know that their 
browser doesn't have latest promoted changes. And that means 
distribution is doing something wrong for them.

We were complaining because extensions didn't work. I don't know how 
many plugins there were with problems. Can't remember any myself. 
Nonbinary extensions are now compatible by default, so one problem less.

ESR means QA testing anyway. It's only bugfixes but that doesn't mean 
you can update w/o testing.


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