[Mageia-dev] Error message while trying checkout a package?with mgarepo

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 14:09:02 CET 2012

Le 13/02/2012 13:00, Buchan Milne a écrit :
> You may want to provide output of ssh-add -l, and 'ssh -v svn.mageia.org' ?
Which ought to be given as first debugging advice: as long as direct ssh 
access to svn.mageia.org doesn't result in an explicit 'you are not 
allowed to log in' message, ssh authentication doesn't work. Testing 
through another software layer, such as subversion or mgarepo, is 
perfectly useless in this case.

And if the goal is to make sure key-based authentication is used, 
password authentication could perfectly get disabled server-side.
BOFH excuse #89:

Electromagnetic energy loss

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