[Mageia-dev] Consolidation of the spell checkers - current status before Beta 1 and general version freeze

Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Tue Feb 14 15:40:43 CET 2012

On 07.02.2012 03:23, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> Hello!
> We are just only one month before the version freeze and two weeks 
> before planned release of Beta 1.
> What was planned
> - to switch in Mageia packages from Aspell and Myspell to Hunspell
> - to support in Enchant only Hunspell and Voikko (the Finnish 
> spell-checker)
> - permanently remove Myspell from Mga2
> - keep Aspell and Aspell dictionaries as a fall-back for old or 
> software (or already not ported)
> - remove Ispell remnants
> * prepare policy for a Hunspell dictionary
> What was faced
> - lack of policy
> - Mozilla software (Firefox, Thunderbird, ...) is using Myspell
> - packages: alpine, kadu-module-spellchecker, kdelibs4-core, scribus, 
> weechat-aspell, xedit, xfig, gedit, psi, claws-mail, eclipse-texlipse, 
> mutt and some perl and php packages were affected
> - 120 Hunspell dictionaries needed to be rewritten
> - 76 Aspell dictionaries needed to stop providing a virtual package 
> "enchant-dictionary"
> - Some Myspell packages provide hyphenation and thesaurus - and it has 
> to be fully replaced by mythes and hyphen dictionaries
> What was done
> - policy is written https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Hunspell-dictionary_policy
> * it is following Mageia rpm guidelines and spec policies,
> * we follow and base on the Fedora packages (mainly versions and 
> sources) and therefore it's much easier to maintain
> - these packages already switched to Enchant or Hunspell
> * alpine, kadu-module-spellchecker, kdelibs4-core,  weechat-aspell, 
> xfig, gedit, psi, claws-mail, eclipse-texlipse
> (scribus is facing this request upstream, mutt and xedit still need a 
> closer look)
> * Ispell Perl package was marked as obsoleted and to be deleted
> - c. 3/4 Hunspell dictionaries are already transformed
> - c. 1/3 Aspell dictionaries are already cleaned
> To-do now (or before the local freeze for Beta 1)
> - transform the rest of Hunspell dictionaries
> - clean Aspell dictionaries
> - final cleanning of Mozilla applications
> * remove myspell definitely from Mga2
> *ETA 2012-02-14*
> To-do before the release freeze
> - clean mythes, thesaurus (and autocorr) packages
> - review transformed dictionaries
> - try to switch to Enchant/Hunspell in two Perl modules and review php 
> ones
Unfortunatelly I can't participate today the meeting.

Status of the consolidation of the spellcheckers since last notification:
- all hunspell dictionaries are transformed and are installing into 
right directories
- imported and submitted dictionaries of some missing languages (for now 
gsc, lv, mg)
- there was a bug request to move Mozilla applications to use hunspell 
(dmorgan, ansii, doktor were having a look)
- there was a bug request to use external thesaurus dictionaries in 
Mozilla appls (thanks Luc!)

To-do before the version freeze (I think, I can finish it tonight):
- review additional ~50 hunspell dicts and use better obsoletion of myspell
- stop providing enchant-dictionary in 2/3 aspell dicts

To-do before the release freeze:
- fix latest applications to use hunspell/enchant (xedit, mutt, some 
perl and php packages,..?)
- fix bugs

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