[Mageia-dev] About dm

Païou paiiou at free.fr
Thu Feb 16 20:23:53 CET 2012

Anne nicolas <ennael at ...> writes:

> 15:48 < ennael> quick question about
> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4011 c1215:48 < ennael> at the
> moment installing xguest pulls kdm
> 15:49 < ennael> installing lxde from dvd is just pulling half of kde
> 15:49 < ennael> wdyt about blino proposal ?
> Any feedback on this ?
> Thanks

I am also confronted with the problem of the installation of kdm,
 by default (bug 3060).

Here is my problem:
I am a user of Xfce and for the moment, drakinstall does not allow
 a direct installation of Xfce.
I thus pass by the following stages:
- Choice of a personalized desktop
- Then, in the following window, the deletion of all the groups of packages.
- Finally, in the last window, the selection of: with X server and with urpmi.
Here is for the procedure.

I noticed that, by default, the display manager is kdm, with all the 
dependences which result from it.
It leads to approximately 850 packages.

On the other hand, by imposing lxdm as display manager,
 the number of packages falls unless 590.
( My choice went on lxdm because this one is more complete than xdm 
or slim, without requiring of additional dependences)

To impose lxdm, I just added a line " lxdm " in the file prefer.vendor.list
included in mdkinst.sqfs. This allows to prefer lxdm as display manager.

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