[Mageia-dev] About dm

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Fri Feb 17 16:20:31 CET 2012

Op vrijdag 17 februari 2012 15:15:37 schreef Michael Scherer:
> Because no one never documented exactly what is needed to be providing
> dm, or what it exactly mean.
> Does it mean to be one of the choice of the prefdm service ?
> Does it mean to be able to understand /etc/X11/wmsession.d/ ?
> Ant others need to be seen as dm ? Where would it have impact, in
> drakdm, somewhere ?
> Without enough formalism in the interaction of rpms, this is just gonna
> be a hack. People will add provides, will change stuff, without any
> consistency, and curiously, that later cause issues.

ok, so you mean we need a documented wiki policy page regarding dm 

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