[Mageia-dev] Qt-based software unusable under XFCE since almost 2 days

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 19 11:14:18 CET 2012

Am 19.02.2012 10:35, schrieb Païou:
> Michael Scherer<misc at ...>  writes:
>> I know at least 2 people in the packagers group who use xfce. So if they
>> have no knowledge for maintaining rpms ( and a dm doesn't require more
>> knowledge than anything else ), that would be shocking.
>> Anyway, if a major DE is unmaintained, maybe we should start to think
>> removing it until there is enough volunteer, since we do not want to
>> have a popular application to be crappy due to lack of maintainer. This
>> would be lying to user, and giving them false expectations.
> @Michael
> If you want to make the users of Mageia run away, continue on this tone!
> I left Mandriva for the same reason
I don't see the reason for this answer.
Michael is just trying to make sure, we don't have a unmaintained major DE.
Now, some maybe a bit harsh words on the developer mailing list - this 
is no user support list or forum or whatever - are far better, then 
having something like xfce unmaintained.
After all, what makes users run away: some not all that courteous mails 
on the -dev ml, whose existence they may or may not be aware of or a 
perhaps buggy, not updated, unmaintained desktop?
And if we keep a whole DE unmaintained in the repos, what does that say 
about overall package quality?


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