[Mageia-dev] xguest and the display manager

Jose Jorge lists.jjorge at free.fr
Mon Feb 20 12:09:25 CET 2012

> Le 20/02/2012 11:31, Païou a écrit :
>> Is it necessary to keep xguest?
>> -------------------------------
>> I would say that yes, but on the condition of not creating unwanted 
>> effects.
> No. Configuring a user computer should be left to end-user, not to 
> packagers providing 'just click here' blackbox solutions. Documenting 
> how to achieve the same result manually, and outlining consequences, 
> would be a far better solution toward user awareness.
A guest account is nowadays as usefull as having a soundcard enabled... 
do you really want to leave that to end user, without at least a 
defaulted checkbox in the installer?

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