[Mageia-dev] Stackfolder, Takeoff Launcher and Tomoyo-gui

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 24 07:56:47 CET 2012

Am 23.02.2012 19:13, schrieb LinuxBSDos.com:
> Just installed beta 1 and I could not find packages for Stackfolder,
Where can the upstream project be found? All you find on the internet
using a quick search is a Mandriva blog post, an article on pro-linux.de,
a youtube video and a few links to unofficial opensuse and arch packages.
> Takeoff Launcher
Could be added as yet another plasmoid, but please not as default.
If some one is interested in maintaining it, KDE team?
and Tomoyo-gui.
seems not to be active upstream since a year:

> Stackfolder  and Tomoyo-gui are in the default installation of Mandriva
> 2011. Takeoff Launcher is similar to Mandriva's Simple Welcome launcher.

Just because something is present in the Mandriva default installation 
doiesn't mean we have to care about it.
 From all I've seen in Mdv2011, there's quite a lot I'm just happy, we 
don't have here.
Why does everyone think, a desktop has to look like an android or ios 


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